Weblog Design Studios

Welcome. My guess is that you are here because you were looking for Weblog Design Studios. Unfortunately, Weblog Design Studios is no more.

After careful thought and consideration, I decided to retire the website (and the company) and focus on freelancing. If you are interested in hiring me for projects, you can do so through oDesk (a remote job board/management site).

If you are looking for the other designers from WDS, they can be found here:

Design Portfolio

Below are some select items from my design portfolio – these are in no particular order.

GCEC Telecom (1) GCEC Telecom (2) More Riders Magazine
Charles K Bent Kwest Copywriting Services The Primetime Dish
Beautiful Ordinary (2) port_bordinary-greenrose Bloggo Chicago
Shitty Code Jaded Sunburns (1) Jaded Sunburns (3)

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